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Wildlife, Lakes and Parks Within 15 Miles.

Within this area alone you may encounter moose, black bear, white tail deer, many species of smaller mammals, and birds in their natural habitat. One reason for this diversity of wildlife is the presence of so much water. Flowing from the Killington mountain area down into the Connecticut River, the Black and Ottauquechee rivers, and the lakes and ponds they form, drain an area that is about 425 square miles in size. If you have an interest in natural history, or just like the water, some popular spots are listed below:

Woodward Reservoir:

Woodward reservoir is a man made lake and headwater for the 40 mile long Black River. It sits beside Vermont Route 100 in the town of Plymouth and is a great place for flatwater paddling and canoeing if you have your own watercraft. It's also a good fishing area.

Echo Lake & Camp Plymouth State Park:

This State Park, located alongside Echo Lake, offers great day-use options. Besides a large grassy lawn and pleasant sandy beach area, watercraft rentals, and basic facilities, it was the site of the Vermont gold rush of the 1850s. Bring a gold pan and try your luck.

Amherst Lake:

The first in a string of four natural lakes the lie beside Vermont Route 100. Amherst lake provides for Summer activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing. No public facilities are available.

Silver Lake State Park:

Located off Vermont Route 12 in the classic hilltown of Barnard, this quiet lake offers all the usual Summer activities, swimming, boating, picnicking and fishing. The State Park offers watercraft rentals and public facilities.

Vermont Institute of Natural Science:

Located in Quechee, on U.S. Route 4, VINS's mission is to provide relevant environmental education programs. In part, this includes avian wildlife rehabilitation. VINS offers live raptor viewing and shows.

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