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The Town of Killington is Within 10 Miles.

Located close by U.S. Route 4, in the Green Mountains, Killington is in Rutland County. The headwaters of the Qttauquechee River are in Killington. Killington's ski trails from a distance The town of Killington has an area of 47 square miles, and a population of 1,095. The resulting population density is 23 people per square mile.

The Killington/Pico Ski Resort monopolizes the town with four-season activities geared toward generating tourism. Of course, winter is the busiest time of year. In this regard, Killington has a number of shops, galleries, and restaurants. Some of them, and other attractions are listed below:

There are 2 gas stations in Killington. Killington was first settled in 1761. Originally named Killington, the town's name was changed to Sherburne in 1800. It was changed back to Killington in 1999. Killington also has the unique distinction of being the only Vermont town that has voted to suceed from Vermont and become part of New Hampshire.

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