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Historic Sites & Stuff Within 15 Miles.

Calvin Coolidge Homestead:

The birthplace and lifelong home of Calvin Coolidge. It was here that a vacationing Vice President Calvin Coolidge received an urgent call from Washington following the death of President Warren Harding. Moments later, by the light of a keroscene lamp, Coolidge took the oath of office from the local notary public, his father.

Marsh-Billings-Rockfeller National Historic Park:

Settlers poured into Vermont following the American Revolution. By the middle of the 19th century most of Vermont's forests had been cut down causing severe erosion and flooding. Responding to this crisis, George Perkins Marsh ushered in the modern conservation movement when he wrote Man and Nature. Frederick Billings took over the Marsh farm and set out to build a farm utilizing Marsh's conservation concepts. Laurance Rockefeller carried on this work when he married Billing's grandaughter, Mary French, and continued to groom this historic estate to its present state.

Billings Farm & Museum:

Preserved to represent farming practices in 1871 when Frederick Billings, a native Vermonter who became known for his work in progressive farm management, reforestation, and conservation set out to build a farm and forestry operation that would serve future generations as a model of wise stewardship. His farm prospered and has operated as a first-class dairy farm for well over a century.

Black River Academy Museum:

Chartered in 1835, Ludlow's Black River Academy provided prepatory educational opportunities in the area for over 100 years. Famous alumni inculde U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, Paul Harris, founder of Rotary, and Ida Fuller, first person to receive Social Security retirement benefits. Ida Fuller received Social Security check number 00-000-001, for the amount of $22.54, dated January 31, 1940.

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