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Hiking and Cycling Within 15 Miles.

Vermont Hiking Trails:

The Green Mountains in this area provide many opportunities for sensational hiking with rewarding views. Directions to some nearby trailheads, along with trail maps and directions for sections of the Appalachian Trail and other nearby trails can be found by clicking the above link.

Gifford Woods State Park:

Located on Vermont Route 100 at the base of Killington and Pico peaks, and in close proximity to the Appalachian and Long Trails, this park is a favorite for hikers.

Little Known Local Hiking Adventures:

The October Country Inn's blog, Ramblings, Roots, and Recipes, examines little known local lore including some short, but great hikes. Look at a June post "A short drive, a short walk and a 100 mile view." It has complete directions on how to get to the Lookout.

Vermont Bike Rides:

Vermont offers fabulous cycling on incredibly scenic and lightly travelled country roads. A selection of routes to choose from, with maps and complete directions, can be found by clicking the above link. Bike rentals are available from local shops.

Vermont's Back Roads:

If you really want to see Vermont, you have to get off the highway and explore the back roads. These hard-packed dirt roads are easily travelled with an ordinary passenger car or a mountain bike. You don't need knobby bike tires, but low gearing, thicker tires, and a bit of suspension make back road cycling more enjoyable. Back roads are everywhere so just turn off the highway on one and follow it. It's an adventure you'll not regret. You will be rewarded with incredible views, and see a slice of Vermont that you will miss if you just stick to commonly traveled highways.

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