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The Town of Bridgewater is Within 1 Mile.

Located on U.S. Route 4, in the Green Mountains, next to the Ottauquechee River, Bridgewater contains the hamlets of Bridgewater Village, Bridgewater Corners, West Bridgewater Mill Building Bridgewater, and Bridgewater Center (formerly called Briggs). Bridgewater has an area of 49 square miles, and a population of 980. The resulting population density is 20 people per square mile.

Be sure and follow the posted speed limits while in Bridgewater. Speeding tickets are freely dispensed and they are expensive. Some of Bridgewater's restaurants, shops, and other attractions are listed below:

There are gas stations in Bridgewater Corners and West Bridgewater. If you like to get off the beatern path a bit, try meandering around on the back roads. Bridgewater Hill Rd., Gold Coast Rd., and North Bridgewater Road are all good candidates for giving you a look at some of Vermont's best kept secrets.

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